An Opportunity for a Nonprofit

Because Know Advertising is a boutique agency situated in Metro Detroit, we take pride in giving back to our community. There is constant demand from local nonprofit organizations who are looking for help with their messaging, branding and beyond, and we have built an educational program that does just that.

Through our robust internship program, ‘Idea Generation: The Nonprofit Project,’ we are able to reach out to nonprofits that are looking for guidance and innovation, providing an educational opportunity for our interns along with a chance for the nonprofit to build on its success. While working with the core staff at the agency, the students will learn how to build a successful campaign from start to finish, and in the end, present their masterpiece to the nonprofit group. The items created during the semester remain the property of the nonprofit group and a useful tool for the intern’s portfolio. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Previous Nonprofit Partners


Super Ewan Inc, Camp Casey, Downtown Boxing Gym Youth Program, Team Joseph, Forgotten Harvest Farms, Empowerment Plan, Summer in the City, On My Own of Michigan.

How to get Involved


If you are part of a nonprofit that grosses under $2,000,000 in annual revenue and are interested in participating in this program, please fill out the form on this page.

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