Being 85 in a 200-year-old industry requires doing things differently in order to excel. MST Seamless Tube & Pipe has produced their products in much the same since the beginning, but they sure don’t tackle their marketing in the same way. A unique, dramatic print piece (in both English and Spanish) was created and features 100% made-in-America paper stock and a soft touch cover. You could say this print piece easily “steels” the show.
Brand Launch
It’s important for a company in the face-to-face sales arena to have a solid collection of sales materials. From targeted versioning to fancy brand cues, Clementine’s collection of print materials fits their brand beautifully. During the design phase and copywriting, size was a constant consideration so these small pieces could fit in a pocket and be customized quickly through on-demand variable digital printing.
Promotional Package
Trying to catch someone’s eye in the cluttered job market is tough. But marrying job hunting with pick up lines? That’s a match made in heaven. Especially when you’re targeting young people just starting out in their careers. This versatile package of promotional pieces was built for use at job fairs, college campuses, human resource functions and more.
When you have a cooling bench that’s 150 feet in length, why not show it off? After some pondering, a print piece unfolded. Literally. This corporate brochure unfolds to 24” to shows off the capabilities of Kentucky Electric Steel and mimics its gigantic size. Just as the mill displays its glowing, molten steel and fiery sparks, so too does this piece as it brings the facility to life on paper. With five variable inserts in the rear pocket, updating the materials when capabilities change is a snap
Corporate Sales Materials