Demonstrating stats about why a business needs a live answering service – and making those numbers interesting – isn’t easy. But a large, interactive display (and a whole lot of ping pong balls) for Clementine Live Answering does the trick. Large clear cylinders with pull-out tabs give trade show visitors a way to see, touch and understand the benefits of Clementine’s services. Large, bright and inviting, the custom-built display draws them in, gets them talking and generates leads.
Interactive Display
Display Space
The 10x20 booth is bold, brash and stands out among the staid manufacturing brands at giant tradeshows both stateside and abroad. It creates a comfortable space for MST Seamless Tube & Pipe to discuss products and explain their capabilities. It’s also the perfect place to introduce new products using powerful photography and big, bold graphics.
Booth Design
Manufacturing tradeshows tend to look pretty much the same. But MST Seamless Tube & Pipe shakes things up when they show up with their giant interactive race track display created with clear tubing. Attendees engage with MST as they face off in a head-to-head race of American-made toy cars that zip through the tubed track. This innovative display concept showcases the manufacturer’s speed, product and skill. Best of all, it keeps the fun flowing and draws in racers, who are also potential customers.